Download WhySoSlow 2017 Latest Version

Download WhySoSlow 2017 Latest Version Review - AntiFreeze is a simple-to-use program which enables you to suspend the presently running procedures which are utilizing high quantities of CPU and also system memory. It can be easily handled, also by much less knowledgeable individuals.

Download WhySoSlow 2017 Latest Version

The interface of the application is based on a criterion home window which instantaneously puts on hold all currently running applications when you bring it up from the system tray location by utilizing a predefined crucial combo. Unfortunately, you could not alter the hotkey. The listing reveals the name, item, status, CPU time, memory usage, size, summary, company, procedure ID as well as location for each and every access. So, you could pick a product from the listing and either cancel or resume its process.

The WhySoSlow 2017 is rather just like the default 'Activity Manager' function offered by Windows. The distinction is that AntiFreeze automatically puts on hold all the currently energetic processes when you raise its home window, instead of allowing you to cancel them individually.

AntiFreeze operates on a really reduced amount of money of CPU as well as system memory, so it ought to function efficiently, also on older systems. It has a good reaction time as well as really did not trigger the os to ice up, accident or appear mistake dialogs during our examinations. Overall, AntiFreeze is an indispensable tool for all individuals who generally run high-demanding programs which hog the system sources. Sadly, it has actually not been upgraded for a long while. Rather than focusing on a limited collection of feasible aspects that might decrease your computer, WhySoSlow takes a holistic strategy to examining the responsiveness as well as efficiency of a system. It's intended as a one-stop remedy for checking all performance health and wellness aspects of a system.

To name a few things, the software program will evaluate and also check your CPU temperature level as well as rate, running procedures, memory use, web page documents use, disk fragmentation, power setups, responsiveness actions of BIOS, tools and also drivers and also a number of various other elements that could affect the efficiency and also responsiveness of your system. After demand, the software application will certainly carry out an extensive analysis and offer you with a detailed credit record that consists of suggestions on ways to boost your systems responsiveness and performance.

WhySoSlow 2017 will permit you to set up alarms that cause when particular criteria have been fulfilled, such as a CPU that reaches its optimum temperature or is being throttled down for as well lengthy. This will allow you to operate your system efficiently while it's being kept track of in the background by the software application, taking in just a minimum of sources. WhySoSlow works on Windows 7, Windows 8 as well as Windows 10 32-bit as well as 64-bit versions.

To name a few things WhySoSlow will certainly:
  • Monitor your CPU temperature and also inspect your system for thermals troubles
  • Display your CPU speed and also check if it's throttled down
  • Monitor CPU lots as well as examine all the processes running in your system
  • Assess memory usage and feasible problems this could cause
  • Assess responsiveness of the system at both the kernel and also application degree
  • Assess BIOS as well as tool habits which might be creating efficiency or latency issues
  • Examine motorists, interrupts and DPCs for feasible performance problems they may create
  • Assess the quantity of paging as well as tough pagefaults which could trigger your system to slow down
  • Examine the fragmentation degree of your disks and check whether this triggers inadequate efficiency on your system
  • Give you with AntiFreeze, an Emergency situation Taskmanager for when your system is actually frozen
  • Permit you to establish alarms that trigger on condititions of your option
  • Supply you with a comprehensive file with recommendations on the best ways to repair your system or enhance performance

The many things that are still missing in the beta launch are:
  • Credit record text produced is far from total
  • Documentation is not yet available
  • Several of the alarm system actions that are detailed are not available
  • This version will certainly stop working after January 31, 2016

If you offer beneficial comments concerning this beta release, you could become qualified for a totally free certificate of WhySoSlow Professional, when it's launched. To offer comments, please utilize the, Resplendence Software contact page.

Download WhySoSlow 2017 Latest Version

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 2008 / Windows Server 2012 / 10 / 10 64 bit
Download Now: WhySoSlow 2017 | 1.7 MB (Freeware)
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