Download Magicard Rio Pro Printer Drivers

Download Magicard Rio Pro Printer Drivers

Download Magicard Rio Pro Printer Drivers

OS: Windows 2000, Windows 2003 Server, XP, Vista, Server 2008, 7, Server 2012, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 |Mac 10.5 or later

Download 58.5MB - Magicard Rio Pro Printer Drivers for Windows

Download 3.8MB - Magicard Rio Pro Printer Drivers for Mac

Download Magicard Rio Pro Printer Drivers and Review

The Rio Pro card laser printer is actually available along with starter packages or as a standalone I.D. card printer. Just like the Enduro, the Rio Pro has the capacity to publish on both CR80 as well as CR79 card inventory. This is actually a major benefit to a lot of consumers. I find a ton of offices find that they can just publish on a peel-and-stick card and recycle their pricey proximity (Prox) memory cards after they have purchased a printer. The Rio Pro will certainly allow you to make that change without any should upgrade or even tweak the laser printer whatsoever.

Enough Memory card Receptacle Ability
Magicard Rio Pro Printer Drivers - The Rio Pro color printer features a regular 100 memory card receptacle, however lets down a little bit of with the 70 memory card result hopper. I would rather have seen a 100 card output hopper, however that's a great breakthrough. Possibly if I say that sufficient opportunities they are going to lastly understand exactly how handy that is when you could manage a set from cards and also certainly not need to think about the final 30 falling on the floor and also obtaining all dirty. I am actually merely sayin ...

Requirement Ethernet Connection
Likewise conventional on this design is USB and Ethernet connectivity. For a lot of ID card laser printers, Ethernet is an add-on feature, however not here. Ethernet is actually typical with the Rio Pro.

Quiet Operation & Adequate Speed
Magicard Rio Pro Memory card Color printer Quick Specs - IDCardGroup.comI have actually been actually working numerous print projects on this laser printer listed here in the office and it operates rather quiet. A reduced decibel amount is actually always a plus in any type of office environment. The speed approaches others at 31 few seconds for a complete color card as well as only 6 seconds for a black and white.

Area Upgradable
Yet another large plus for the Magicard Rio Pro printer is being industry upgradeable to double-sided publishing. This produces a nice, quick and easy upgrade down the road.

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