Omni Software 2017 for Mac Download

Download OmniFocus Software 2017 for Mac
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniFocus v2.9 for OS X 10.11 - macOS 10.12
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniFocus v2.7 for 7.4  OS X 10.10
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniFocus v2.0.4 for OS X 10.9
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniFocus v1.1 for 0.6  OS X 10.6

Download OmniGraffle Software 2017 for Mac
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniGraffle v5.0.2 for Mac 10.11 - 10.12
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniGraffle v4.6.1 for OS X 10.10
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniGraffle v4.1.4 for OS X 10.9
DOWNLOAD ↔  OmniGraffle v3.10.6 Standard for OS X 10.4

Download OmniPlan Software 2017 for Mac
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniPlan v3.7 for Mac OS X 10.11 - 10.12
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniPlan v3.5.1 for Mac OS X 10.10
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniPlan v2.4.3 for Mac OS X 10.10
DOWNLOAD ↔  OmniPlan v2.3.7 for Mac OS X 10.8
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniPlan v2.2.4 for Mac OS X 10.6

Download OmniPresence Software 2017 for Mac
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniPresence v1.5.2 for OS X 10.11 - 10.12
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniPresence v1.4.1 for OS X 10.10
DOWNLOAD ↔ OmniPresence v1.2 for OS X 10.9

How do I install the licenses I purchased?
Launch the application and choose Licenses from the application menu, which is next to the Apple menu (the Apple logo in the upper-left of your screen). If you have a license file that we sent you, you can drop that file on the window and the Include License panel is displayed with the Owner and License Key fields already filled out. Otherwise, you can click the Include button and go into the owner and license key. Ensure you enter this info exactly as it was supplied; copy and paste it if you have the info in an e-mail message. Select the kind of license (Personal or Computer system; see above for explanations of the license types). Click the Save button, and the licenses are installed.

How do I uninstall licenses? (I mistakenly installed as computer system licenses and I have to change them to individual licenses, or I set up on my workplace maker and I'm relocating to a brand-new job, for instance.).

Open the licensing panel by choosing Licenses from the application menu (right beside the Apple menu). Click the license you want to uninstall and then click the Erase License button. A panel appears, revealing precisely where the license file is kept, so you can validate that you are uninstalling the right license.

I bought my own personal license for your product. How do I keep other people on the network from using the license and avoiding me from using it?
Install your license as a personal license. (That is, when you license the item, choose Personal as the license type.) The license key will be saved in your house folder.

The Mac App Shop enables me to set up a single license on 5 Macs. Do you do the exact same?
We've chosen to use Mac App Store-inspired limitations to our Omni Store licenses. In particular, our apps now better accommodate single users who have more than one computer system. A single-seat license can be utilized by a single individual for individual usage to work on as lots of as 5 computers simultaneously.

For now, a minimum of, this is only a modification to the way we interpret single-seat licenses; multi-seat licenses will still be imposed the same as they have actually been. Why?

We typically expect single-seat licenses to be utilized by a single person, and want them to be able to use it on multiple computers so that they receive comparable value from buying directly from us as they would when purchasing from the Mac App Shop (which allows a single user to set up an app for their own personal use on all computer systems they control).

We expect multi-seat licenses to be utilized by separate individuals on the exact same LAN, which is why we're more stringent about imposing their mentioned limitations. (Note that we currently provide a rates break when offering these seats.).


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