Nawfal Raziq Invention of Electrical Energy Tree

Nawfal Raziq Invention of Electrical Energy Tree - Tamiang, Aceh Indonesia – Innovation resembles pivoting wheel that continue searching for flawlessness thing in a creation. Same like Naufal Raziq (15yrs) did, he established the innovation of Electrical Energy Tree when he achieved 14 years of age. He continue attempting to impeccable his development with the goal that it may be valuable and practical in a later time. 

Nawfal Raziq

 Nawfal Raziq Invention of Electrical Energy Tree

" This time I'm as of now searching for ways so that Trees recuperation power can come back to ordinary with moderately short time,so that charging procedure in early afternoon can be streamlined and when the night came, the electrical vitality from trees can be utilized again to turn on the light" said Naufal

Besides, Naufal clarified as of now the vitality is as yet unsteady yet, with the goal that we take a stab at charging process by utilizing battery as a power stockpiling so the vitality from Kedondong trees in noontime can be spared in battery and the vitality can be utilized again to turn on the lift when the night came.

"From past analysis, the recuperation ability of trees is as yet shaky and took quite a while. So now we attempt to test with vitality stockpiling process from trees to charging battery and from charging battery to light (like sun powered cell) with expectation the light from light can be more steady, on the grounds that beforehand with direct association from light to trees, the vitality still insecure and over the long haul the vitality will drop and recuperation process will turn out to be moderate normally". He included. 

Beforehand, this Naufal development is as of now valuable and utilized by PT Pertamina EP through Rantau Field with executed the innovation of vitality trees to help Anak Merdeka School and a few houses and open offices in remote town of Tampor Paloh, region of Simpang Jernih, regime of West Aceh to pick up lighting in the night.

"Tampor Paloh Village, area of Simpang Jernih until this day still not yet appreciate power since 71 years of Independence of Indonesian Republic, with state of no power, we see that vitality trees can help us to be an option lights in light of the fact that in those town is likewise has numerous kedondong trees, which already demonstrated that the trees can be utilized to deliver elective electrical vitality". said Adiatma Sardjito, VP Corporate Communication PT Pertamina Persero. 

Other than that, this vitality trees has likewise been planted in Pertamina Center of Community Empowerment in Aceh Tamiang, which additionally moved toward becoming Laboratory of Tree Energy and in the improvement to acquire most extreme exertion.

"We see Naufal's advancement as a type of sustainable power source that bridle nature's intensity which can be experienced in Indonesia, and suits with our soul who exceptionally steady in development of new inexhaustible advances. I trust that an ever increasing number of innovators found the answer for utilizing sustainable power sources." said Aditama.

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