Nikon D5500 Firmware 1.02 Download

Nikon D5500 Firmware
Version: 1.02
Added: 2017-05-09
OS: Windows, Mac
Download 21.1MB for Mac
Download 17.6MB for Windows

Nikon D5500 Firmware 1.02 Download Free and Review

Nikon D5500 Review
Nikon D5500 Firmware 1.02 Download
Nikon D5500 - Finding a not too bad section level DSLR is continually testing, with the sheer number of cameras on offer making it troublesome for new purchasers to tell which is worthiest of their consideration.  Yet, those on the chase for one would do well to look at the Nikon D550. The D5500 highlights a nice 24.2-megapixel camera sensor, better than expected dealing with and strong clamor diminishment capacities. The main genuine downside to the D5500 is that it absences of a really executioner move up to separate it from its antecedent, the Nikon D5300.

The Nikon D5500 utilizes another style of DSLR body for Nikon. It's littler and lighter than the D5300, however the outline changes aren't generally about scaling down this camera.

At 420g (body just) it's a noteworthy 60g lighter than the D5300 and at 124 x 97 x 70mm it is marginally littler as well. In any case, it's really going for an inside and out various feel. Like the Nikon D750, the D5500 has a considerably more profound grasp than past Nikon cameras, giving you a more agreeable, firmer hold.

Some portion of what makes this conceivable is another development style. As opposed to polycarbonate (plastic) or a magnesium combination, the Nikon D5500 is made of a carbon fiber composite this is successfully fiber-fortified plastic. This probably gives Nikon a chance to utilize less volume of material to get a similar quality. Basic.

The vibe is distinctive, however the look and design are like the D5300. You gain two manual power dials: one around D-cushion on the backplate and one on the top plate. These consolidated with the customary PASM mode dial give a decent adjust of availability and control.

The "i" catch has moved from close to the screen to around the back cushion for less demanding access, however generally it's well-known.

There's one other enormous change, however. The show is a touchscreen, where the Nikon D5300 is non-touch. And in addition giving you a chance to utilize touch centering in Live View, the touch show can act as another manual control surface when shooting with the viewfinder. For instance, there's a setting to make a swipe signal crosswise over it change ISO.

Obviously, in case you're truly after manual control you might need to consider the Group 760D rather, a camera of a similar level yet with all the more genius style controls.  For the all the more nice picture taker, however, the Nikon D5500 has all that you require. And in addition not too bad manual controls and a cordial design, the screen creases out on a vari-point pivot.

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