Star Micronics HSP7000 Windows Drivers

Star Micronics HSP7000 Recommended Driver for Windows:
Download 279MB - HSP7000 Installation CD version 2.0

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32/64-bit), Windows Vista (32/64-bit), XP
Download 1.8MB - Printer Driver only for 64-bit

About Star Micronics HSP7000

Star Micronics HSP7000 Windows Drivers
Fast warm/lattice 2 station half and half printer , Joining a fantastic warm printing component, the HSP7000 Series offers elite print determination and prevalent print speed making the ideal POS printer for printing checks and receipts.

Its high print determination (203dpi) produces prevalent quality content and illustrations for printing brand-upgrading logos, standardized identifications and special coupons or vouchers at the purpose of offer.

The HSP7000 is additionally unbelievably simple to use with "Drop In and Print" stacking of warm receipt moves and moment top of frame situating for quick, precise check situating. Strip substitution is basic and effectively available and, as an additional measure, the HSP7000 incorporates cover open sensors and auto status back for paper stacking to limit down time.

Planned on account of the client, the HSP7000 is easy to introduce and set-up with Star's suite of drivers/imitating backing and variable paper widths to coordinate existing programming.

Fast 250 mm/second warm receipt printer joined with rapid 9-stick lattice check/approval printer

  • "Drop-In and Print" simple paper stacking
  • High determination 203 dpi yield for quick, predominant quality logo/standardized identification receipt yield
  • Auto status back for paper stacking, sensor detailing and so on.
  • Simple to-utilize AutoLogo™ highlight to autonomously add logos and coupons to receipts
  • Strip: RC-7KB Black
  • Interface alternatives: Serial, 9-Pin Serial, Parallel, USB, LAN with WiFi Power Pack choice

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