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'About' means ABOUT
Yes contents of this blog by Url https://bacayouk.blogspot.com/ , and the url will differ depending on the country domain, domain bacayouk.blogspot.com umu, but in Indonesia will be seen bacayouk.blogspot.co.id, Insha Allah.

Today 15 April 2017, I started to build this blog to write various articles are good, directing, leading, which serve as a lesson and Insha Allah, this blog as a field for my charity helpful When.

All science is God

When I am writing a lot wrong so please be notified, and I'm sorry if later there is not really in the writing.

Because I am also a human being, Rasulullah shallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam said ,

"By the One that my soul is in His hand, if you never sin, Allah will replace you to bring a people then people are sinning, then they ask forgiveness of Allah, and Allah will forgive them "(HR. Muslim)

Almighty God, who set it all up.

https://bacayouk.blogspot.com/ registered in https://www.blogger.com/
And Insha Allah continue to find on search engines https://google.com/ or on other search engines.

The search engine https://google.com/ is a man-made course with the Will of God. of course with the permission of Allah, the Lord of hosts, and we will be back on his.

May God give me the knowledge to be able to write in this blog, may God keep this blog not to be deleted by Blogger, may Allah keep this blog to rank well in search engines.

Ya Allah Indeed I intend to give a good writing. Truly you love someone - people are abused do good, as you are right in the QS Word. 'Ali' Imran [3]: 148 `which means:" Therefore God gave them the reward of the world and the best reward of the Hereafter. And Allah loves those who do good "

In this regard also contained in the
QS. Al-Baqarah [2]: 195 `
QS. 'Ali' Imran [3]: 134 `
QS. 'Ali' Imran [3]: 148 `
QS. Al-Ma'idah [5]: 13 `
QS. Al-Ma'idah [5]: 93 `

O God Thou Almighty. Give me knowledge and this blog as a clue to me and to all of his.  Allah akbar

Writing my first link it here because there is a discussion of ideas, regarding my request to the Google Tip (blogger writing on the page owner free right), and the most top to the Creator, the Lord of Hosts. (God) for His Allies None